Social Network

by Dhruv Patel

Easily configurable PHP based script for creating social networking sites.

Just 3 steps and social network created in 5 minutes
Extract, Upload and Install

Download  See a demo

Demo login email "[email protected]" and password "demoaccount"

What it's all about

It is a social platform where anyone can create profiles, share their interest, make friends, can perform one to one chat and a lot more.

Profile page, view and share

Containing totally managed profile including user photo, cover, details, sharing options, created stories.

Logged in homepage, new kind of newsfeed

Get informed about all activities done by user's friends.

Album viewer

Album viewer

Totally managed albums into single page.


More photos, auto albums

When user uploads more than one photo at a single instance, script auto generates new albums and put all photos into that.

Album design

Albums, more expandables

New design of arranging photos with full functionalities of tagging, commenting, liking

Photo viewer

Photo viewer, rich photos, rich UI

Photo viewer, totally accessible by keyboard with album constraints.